Everything Guys Need to Know About FIFTY SHADES OF GREY

You know all those women who were kind of teasing us by reading Fifty Shades of Grey out in public? Well, they’re all finished with the paperback that became a national sensation as the favorite book of horny housewives looking for a romance novel about kinky sex. Now they’re reading Fifty Shades Darker. That’s the second in the series of books. Of course, you’re not alone if you didn’t know that Fifty Shades of Grey was just the first in a series. That still means you need to be catching up on things. If not, you’ll have to sit through the movie version that stars Justin Bieber or whoever else they cast as the book’s sexy dominant male billionaire. Fortunately, we’ve got a summary that’ll help you appreciate just how dopey a book can be and still get women mulling over doing strange things in the bedroom. Don’t get excited, though. If Fifty Shades was really kinky, we’d be telling you to read it. Instead, we’re helping you save some time and money….